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Animal Testing Policy

We do not test on animals at Skin Virtue

We will not use animals in safety testing and we are committed to eliminating the need for animal testing within the cosmetic industry. We are equally committed to the health and safety of consumers and creating clean products that comply with the laws of all countries where our products are sold.

We do not perform any animal tests on our product formulations or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf.

To avoid the use of tests on animals, our product development team selects raw materials with well-established safety records and uses extensive ingredient databases. Our product safety testing includes the use of non-animal studies and clinical tests on volunteers. We take great pride in our product safety record.

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the necessity for animal testing globally. We work closely with our industry and the scientific community around the world to actively support our industry's sharing of scientific data and to support and fund research programs to develop and validate non-animal alternatives for product testing.

We are proud to support #BeCrueltyFree Australia.