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Hydration is a critical step in any skincare routine. No matter what your skin type, hydration is going to take the comfort and health of your skin to the next level. Browse through Skin Virtue’s wide range of mists, serums and moisturizers to get relief from tight skin or just to get some much-needed hydration.

Why are serums essential in a skincare routine?
Good serums are like your skin's power shots. They are a simple way of introducing additional active elements into your skin without the fuss of heavy layers from other products. As a result, your skin is never overloaded. Water-based serums, like face mists, usually contain a higher number of humectants. This element draws more water to the skin and hydrates deeply. Compared with emollients, humectants nourish the skin beyond the top layer. This kind of better hydration means that your skin cells are functioning optimally. To add to your serums, use a moisturiser that contains both humectants and emollients. Together, they can hydrate and lock in the moisture.

Cleansers, toners, and moisturisers are the ABCs of skincare. Those three items form the basis of a good skin regimen. While these products will be chosen based on your skin type and needs, they don't have the same level of precision and specialised activity as a serum.

Serums work as hydration boosters and can deliver a high concentration of skin-quenching hyaluronic acid, skin restoring niacinamide, or a megadose of vitamin C to brighten and level your skin tone. A moisturiser seals in moisture, but a serum aids in delivering hydration.

AM vs PM
An important thing to remember is that the skin has various requirements during the day and at night. The skin is exposed to pollutants and UV radiation during the day, both of which are harmful to the skin. This is why serums designed for use during the day typically contain antioxidants to protect and moisturise the skin, like our Future Advanced Radiance Serum formulated with Hydrolysed Pearl and Botanical extracts for soothing antioxidant properties.

When you sleep, your skin accomplishes the majority of its heavy lifting, mending, rejuvenating, and regenerating. Most serums designed for night-time use also include light-sensitive chemicals such as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) or retinoids, which aren't suited for daytime use. Our Pure Radiance Glow Serum has a hydrating and purifying effect and works as an AHA exfoliator to remove dead surface skin cells and encourage cell renewal and hydration. Night-time serums or products with AHA exfoliants are also recommended to be used more sparingly 2-3 times a week to not over-exfoliate your skin, on alternate nights feel free to use any serum that best suits your skin's needs.

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