Nina Gajic & Gary Williams


Unveiling the Power of Bioactive Cosmeceuticals

Transforming Sensitive Skin

After conducting extensive clinical research and development, we have acquired profound insights into the complexities of sensitive skin. This knowledge has empowered us to create products that restore and strengthen sensitive skin, prevent, and, in some cases, reverse age-related concerns, while also providing the essentials for achieving balanced, vibrant, and resilient skin.

Our Bioactive Cosmeceuticals are clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier function, support skin stem cell longevity, and address your sensitive skin's common and unique requirements. Our multifunctional efficacious formulations are potent, powerful and clinically tested to give your skin, nourishment, healthy clarity, luminosity and radiance.

Our Philosophy

Bridging Science, Accessibility and Empowerment

Our approach is contemporary and grounded in scientific expertise, using the finest natural ingredients for sensitive, allergic, reactive, problem-prone, dry, or ageing skin. Addressing the needs of every skin type.

Our skin experts focus entirely on the restoration of sensitive skin conditions, consistently delivering remarkable results.

We approach both women and men as unique individuals with distinct needs and diverse lifestyles. We encompass both fun and seriousness, striking a harmonious balance, and simplifying the journey to healthy skin.

Skin Virtue is a socially conscious company committed to science and education.

Empowering women from all walks of life. We are dedicated to actively promoting and supporting early breast cancer detection initiatives and raising awareness about breast cancer.

Our Vision

The Path For Sensitive Skin

Skin Virtue aims to be a beacon for individuals with sensitive skin, offering a sanctuary where their unique skin needs are not just met but celebrated. We are the go-to brand for sensitive skin care, redefining the beauty landscape with our specialised bioactive cosmeceuticals.

Our Mission

Science-Backed Solutions for Uncompromised Results

At Skin Virtue, our mission is singular and clear: to provide scientifically advanced, bioactive cosmeceuticals exclusively designed for sensitive skin. We dedicate ourselves to understanding the complexities of sensitive skin and delivering products that soothe, protect, and enhance without compromise.

Our Values

Sensitivity-Driven Innovation

  • Sensitivity-First: 

Our entire product line is formulated with the unique needs of sensitive skin at its core

  • Scientific Excellence: 

Utilising the latest scientific findings to develop products that are both effective and gentle.

  • Integrity and Safety: 

Ensuring the highest level of safety and efficacy in our products.

  • Innovation in Skincare: 

Continuously exploring new bioactive ingredients and technologies specifically beneficial for sensitive skin.

  • Educational Empowerment:

Providing the knowledge and training to understand and care for sensitive skin.