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The goal of balanced skin is not to be just healthy-looking. The joy of skincare is seen when results show soft and glowing skin. Whatever skin issues one may be battling, the ambition is the same. Existing concerns like too oily or too dry skin, breakouts, acne, or aging are exacerbated by exposure to harsh chemicals, pollution and UV rays. All these factors, along with changes in lifestyle and diet can cause a great amount of stress to the skin.

While there are many solutions to skin concerns, and your skincare routine is a great way to get a handle on your skin issues, masks and exfoliators are an additional bonus to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Masks can provide hydration and freshness to your face without clogging up your pores or making the skin feel heavy and lathered.

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We all want our skin to be soft, supple, and glowing. This skin goal or ambition is true for all of us no matter whether we have dry skin or oily skin, whether we have skin prone to acne and breakouts or if we have dehydrated skin or ageing skin, you name it we all want the same thing.

Even with all of the said concerns we are also faced with harsh chemicals, pollution, and the Australian sun's harsh UV rays which can further dehydrate and age your skin. It's enough to make you want to hibernate for the time being. Although many solutions are available to combat skin concerns, such as serums or targeted treatments, masks are a great way to go above and beyond to provide the hydration and rejuvenation your skin needs. They provide a lot of moisture without clogging your pores or making your skin feel heavy.

Vitamins, peptides, and marine and plant extracts are just a few of the ingredients in our favourite masks, which give us spa-like effects without leaving the house.

Face masks are very popular these days, and many people use them to exfoliate and protect their skin. However, few people know that face masks were among the first cosmetics used to retain attractiveness. Face masks were utilised in ancient cultures' beauty rituals as early as 3000 BC. Various herbs, plants, roots, and flowers, for example, were used to create a variety of masks in early Indian civilisation. Herbs were mixed in various proportions to suit different skin types and attain desired results.

Face masks are designed with a variety of qualities that allow them to meet your skin's needs. Because of their occlusive qualities, highly concentrated essential ingredients, and length of time on the skin, they will effectively penetrate your skin, protect and aid in your skin goals.

What are the benefits of face masks?

Masks serve a variety of purposes, depending on the substances they include. They're often made with active ingredients to help with acne, skin pigmentation, dry skin, and fine lines and wrinkles.

What are the benefits of exfoliators?

Exfoliating helps to both eliminate dead surface skin cells accumulated on the top layer of the skin due to decreased cell turnover, which makes it appear dull and lifeless and to ramp up skin metabolism, which can help boost cell turnover and collagen production. Sadly our skin cell turnover rate diminishes with age, exfoliating is a clever way that we can trick our skin into behaving younger. When we exfoliate and remove our dead surface skin cells our cellular renewal process is activated to create new cells to replace the ones shed, collagen production, product absorption, and damage control are also ramped up.

Another added benefit to exfoliating is that once dead surface skin cells are removed, your skin will appear brighter and more vibrant and feel smoother and your serums or moisturisers absorbs better. This is why we love talking about our Pure Exfoliating Mask. This exfoliating face mask is formulated to remove dead surface skin cells and boost circulation to restore your skin's natural radiance.

Why we should all be using a hydrating face mask

Nothing beats a hydrating face mask for enhancing your skincare routine. Dehydrated skin triggers the skin barrier function to degrade and leads to a reduced immune function. By boosting hydration and strengthening the skin barrier function we are supporting the skin's natural physiological function and creating a robust protective foundation for the natural healing, repairing, and regenerating process of the skin.

Like a serum or moisturiser, a face mask is a vehicle for skin treatment. It improves the skin's general health by delivering highly concentrated actives, vitamins, and nutrients. Face masks are occlusive, meaning they form a physical barrier that traps therapeutic substances and allows them to absorb more quickly.

Our Future Advanced Firming Mask is formulated with highly active and concentrated skin-replenishing, lifting, and firming ingredients to target the visible signs of ageing. It has immediate and long-lasting moisturising, lifting, and firming effects, which prevent the appearance of skin thinning, loss of elasticity, and crepey looking skin. It can be used as a leave-on mask for dryer skin types or as a regular mask for normal to oily skin. It also can also be used as a hand, neck, and décolleté leave-on treatment.

How to choose a hydrating mask for your skin

The moisturising, barrier-restoring properties of hydrating face masks are beneficial for every skin type. Every skin type requires hydration, every cell in our body requires hydration to function properly.With age, our skin begins to show signs of volume loss. As our skin gradually deteriorates, the result is a reduction of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and fatty tissue. The loss of collagen fibres leads to the deterioration of supporting connective tissue. The decline of hyaluronic acid leads to reduced natural moisturising factors, and the loss of fatty tissue leads to a weaker structure. The skin becomes dryer, less elastic and the structure weakens, which allows for the formation of wrinkles. Properly hydrated skin enables our skin cells to function better and slows down this ageing process.

Our Future Advanced Firming Mask is designed for every skin type, it includes potent active ingredients that work to enhance signalling exchange between epidermal and dermal cells and also the direct communication among neighbouring skin cells to maintain proper functioning. This mask ensures instant, deep hydration by generating a moisture reservoir that lasts for 72 hours after the last application. It helps to reduce flakiness and itchiness caused by dry skin and soothe sensitive skin, improving cell communication and rejuvenating mature skin. Micro-encapsulated liposome delivery systems enable active ingredient delivery to the deeper layers of the skin ensuring better efficacy and bioavailability of active ingredients.

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Pure Exfoliating MaskAnti-Ageing Skin Polishing Peel$68.00 AUD