How to choose an anti-ageing skincare routine

How to choose an anti-ageing skincare routine

Skincare can be confusing. And if you’re at the start of your anti-ageing journey, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed. So many products! So many brands! So many promises! Where do you start?

Well, that’s why you have us! Because we understand just how noisy the whole skincare game can be - especially when it comes to choosing products to help fight the signs of ageing. Knowing how to pull together a skincare routine can be tricky.

But before we delve into specific product recommendations, we’re going to take you through our approach to healthy skin, and the philosophy behind our powerhouse formulations.

At Skin Virtue, we have a simple, three-pronged approach when it comes to formulating our skincare products.

The first phase? Optimising a healthy skin barrier.

Our goal is to formulate products that keep the skin barrier healthy, protected and immune to everyday aggressors (hey, pollution and sun damage). So, that’s why you’ll spy ingredients like emollients, humectants and barrier-restoring lipids in our skincare products - these guys work to restore and regulate moisture content, for healthy youthful-looking skin.

Next, we focus on supporting skin stem cell longevity.

Because in case you didn’t know, the depletion of the skin’s cellular function is one of the primary causes of structural and functional skin ageing. Yikes! For this reason, we make sure all our products work on maintaining dermal stem cells and building new tissue to delay the process of ageing.

The final piece to our skincare puzzle?

Targeted age-related treatments. We’ve formulated an innovative line of products (Future Advanced Collection), specifically designed to zero in on ageing concerns.

Through years of clinical research, testing and analysis, we’ve identified the complexity and functionality of each layer of the skin. By incorporating multi-functional active ingredients, we’ve been able to create targeted products that work on repairing, regenerating and minimising the effects of ageing concerns on the skin.


The best anti-ageing skincare routine.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for where to start, or you simply want to get an idea of how to expand or streamline your anti-ageing skincare routine, we’ve got you covered.

At Skin Virtue we make building an anti-ageing skincare routine simple. So, let’s get started!

First thing’s first: your skin type.

Your skin type is genetically determined (which means you’re born with it) and it relates to how much sebum (oil) your sebaceaous glands produce. It’s important to understand your skin type because it determines a great deal about which products will be right for you.

To cut through the confusion, Skin Virtue has simplified skin type categories and separated them into two main groups: normal to dry skin and normal to oily skin.


For those with normal to dry skin…

If you have a normal to dry skin type, products from the Pure Anti-Ageing Collection are perfectly suited for you. This collection is best for tackling dull, rough skin and preventing the visible signs of ageing such as premature wrinkles.


For those with normal to oily skin…

For those who have a normal to oily skin type, we’ve got you sorted too! The Super Clear Collection has been specifically formulated with oily skin in mind. Developed with the highest quality purifying ingredients, the Super Clear Collection corrects those niggling concerns such as breakouts, redness and large pores.


For those with ‘normal’ skin…

While our clinical studies have shown that those skin types classified as ‘normal’ are more resistant, they do, however, tend to be either slightly oily or slightly dry at times.

As such, ‘normal’ skin types should be assessed and prescribed either the Super Clear Collection or the Pure Anti-Ageing Collection, based on this tendency.

The term ‘combination skin’ is another skincare classification we tend to steer clear of at Skin Virtue, particularly because it usually refers to a skin type that is oily and dehydrated.

Both the Super Clear Collection and the Pure Anti-Ageing Collection are made up of gentle formulas that will address specific skin type concerns, without irritating or stripping the skin.

When it comes to serious anti-ageing results, this is where our Future Advanced Treatment Collection comes in. This collection is formulated for all skin types and focuses on age-related skin concerns, rather than skin type skin concerns. It is a targeted treatment range that features active ingredients and liposomal delivery systems that work to address the signs of ageing.

The Future Advanced Treatment Collection can be used alongside any products within the Super Clear Collection and our Pure Anti-Ageing Collection, dependent on individual skin concerns.

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What’s your skin type? What do you think of our choices?

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