Our 3 Phase approach to pollution and skin health

Our 3 Phase approach to pollution and skin health

Our Approach to Healthy Skin
We incorporate a 3-phase system into our products when formulating skincare.

  1. Optimise a healthy skin barrier function.
  2. Support skin stem cell longevity.
  3. Targeted age-related treatments.

Healthy Skin Barrier
Our Philosophy is to treat the skin barrier with kindness and provide it with the tools that it requires to keep it healthy, protected and immune to everyday aggressors, optimising the skin barrier function so that the skin’s regeneration process improves. We formulate with skin-identical emollients, humectants and barrier restoring lipids that provide superior protection to skin barrier lipid balance, our formulations restore and regulate the moisture content of the skin, preserving youthful and healthy skin.

Skin Cell Longevity
Depletion of skin stem cells is the primary intrinsic cause of skin ageing. We support the maintenance of dermal stem cells characteristics and its capacity to build new tissue in the basal layer of the skin, providing skin cell longevity and delaying the loss of the cell’s power of division and growth.

Targeted Treatment
Our Future Advanced Collection is designed to zero in on skin ageing concerns. We dissected each layer of the skin and identified it’s ageing characteristics, we then worked on advancing the physiological process of the skin, supporting its structural and functional action to activate the natural healing, repairing and regenerating process, wrinkles filling and in some cases preventing the effects of ageing on the skin.

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