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The moisturising phase is usually the final step in an excellent skincare program. Skin Virtue offers a variety of perfecting creams from our three collections, all of which are rich in moisturising and hydrating components and suitable for different skin types.

The usual last, penultimate step in a great skincare routine is the moisturising step. Skin Virtue has a range of different perfecting creams from our three collections that are packed with moisturising and hydrating ingredients that are great for all skin types. Moisturiser creams have a few essential purposes that make them super important in your skincare routine. First, it is to maintain your skin’s moisture. It’s easy for your skin to become dehydrated, even if it appears oily, throughout the day and night. A great moisturising face cream prevents your skin from drying out by adding much-needed hydration and moisture to the surface of your skin. Moisturisers don’t need to be super heavy or thick to do this either, all of Skin Virtue’s perfecting creams are lightweight and packed with great ingredients to supplement further moisture absorption into your skin for longer-lasting hydration.

Another reason to use a face cream is to protect your skin from external factors such as the climate, dust and other toxins or particles that can affect your skin and cause damage.

These factors disrupt the skin barrier function which in turn affects the skin's ability to retain moisture also known as transepidermal water which causes the skin to lose moisture, it also can cause harmful free radicals. Our perfecting creams are made of great ingredients that are naturally derived and more often than not have multiple uses and benefits than just hydration.

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