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Collection: Facial Cleansers & Face Toners

At Skin Virtue, we believe that taking care of your skin with the right skincare routine is crucial and that the first step should always be cleansing and toning. Our cleansers and toners are wonderful for keeping your skin clean and clear, and they also have added advantages for specialised skin issues like sensitivity and ageing.

Face Cleansers
At Skin Virtue, looking after your skin with the correct skincare routine is important and the first step is generally cleansing and toning! Our range of cleansers and toners are both great at keeping your skin clean, clear and have added benefits for skin concerns as well!

Start your skincare routine right with a great cleanser that matches your skin concerns and skin type. Our range of cleansers include cream and gel cleansers to curate your skincare routine on what you need and what textures you prefer. Cleansing is an integral part of a skincare routine because it’s all about removing impurities, debris, toxins, makeup and anything else on your skin to prepare the skin for the toning and moisturising steps. That being said, your skincare routine doesn’t need to only have 3 steps but to maintain a healthy skin barrier, we recommend you cleanse your skin once to twice after removing makeup. This won’t strip your skin of its natural oils and helps to keep your skin clean and fresh!

Facial Toners
While removing your makeup and removing impurities, grime and toxins from your skin with a cleanser is the first essential step to clean your skin, toning your skin is the next step that imbues the best vitamins, minerals and botanical ingredients for long term visible changes to occur! Toners were traditionally used to balance the pH of the skin, cleansers used to be very harsh and they would leave that "squeaky clean" feel, that squeak was your skin being stripped of all of its essential oils and its optimal pH being wiped out. Toners helped to bring the pH back into balance. Skin Virtue utilises this step to not only regulate your skin's pH but to introduce actives to your skin, like a liquid serum, to nourish and regulate your skin concerns all in one. There are a few different types of toners with slightly different goals depending on your skin type and what you want to achieve with your skin. Our toner range includes toners for oily skin such as BHA purifying toners and toners for dry skin that have anti-ageing benefits.

Gentle Face Cleansers, Packed with a Punch
Some of the amazing active ingredients we use in our gentle cleansers include Vitamin E, Sage Extract, Edelweiss Extract. Vitamin E is great for skin smoothing as it is an emollient ingredient. Being emollient means that it helps to soften the texture and feel of your skin as well. Sage Extract is a botanical extract that helps to soothe your skin while also acting as an antibacterial agent to prevent any pollutants that can affect your skin, and an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and the severity of any breakouts on your skin barrier. Edelweiss Extract is also a botanical extract that helps to prevent breakouts through its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties while also working hard to find and reduce any free radicals. In case you haven’t heard of them, free radicals are rogue molecules that react easily with your skin cells and potentially harm them, which in the long term can increase signs of ageing.

Skin Virtue products are proud to be cruelty-free and use bioactive ingredients derives from natural sources to make the most of the helpful vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from the earth in a safe, formulated way.