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Super Clear Collection for Oily and Combination Skin.

Developed for oily skin and its sidekick, combination skin, this collection is formulated with the highest-quality purifying and soothing active ingredients. The products actively and continuously work to balance and correct oily and combination skin concerns, helping maintain clear, calm, and vibrant skin free from impurities and behaving more healthily.

Is this collection for you?

Do you have Oily or Combination skin?

Oilier skin has overactive sebaceous glands that overproduce sebum. Combination skin is usually oily skin that has been stripped back with the use of harsh ingredients or over-washing and has become dehydrated in regions. Oily and combination skin types are often shiny with enlarged pores and prone to breakouts. The degree of oiliness and severity of dehydration varies between people. We treat oily and combination skin by incorporating ingredients into our formulations that regulate oil production with purifying and clarifying properties that are gentle and non-drying.


Skin Virtue’s Super Clear Collection is about keeping your skin clear and creating a stunning complexion all year round. Generally recommended for normal to oily skin, this collection involves targeted ingredients to treat oilier skin from AHA’s (alpha-hydroxy acids) and BHA’s (beta-hydroxy acids), which cleanse and balance any excess sebum that oily skin can suffer from. The Super Clear Collection utilises marine to botanical extracts with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties to help prevent breakouts and protect your skin barrier.

All of the products in this range contain active ingredients to promote beautiful, clear skin without harming your skin barrier or stripping your skin of essential moisture. Having oily skin doesn’t mean you should remove all the natural oils that your skin produces, but ensure that it’s under control to avoid an excess of oil that can cause acne and blocked pores. When skincare products aren’t formulated or used correctly, they can strip your skin of all the natural oils which harm your skin barrier and cause excessive dryness, which consequently causes an even more overactive production of sebum and oil as your skin tries extra hard to recover from dryness. Keeping your skin balanced can be a juggling act, so having the right products to maintain it can be tricky and often an experiment to see what works.

Our Super Clear collection includes a cleanser, toner, gel, and perfecting cream that complement each other and promote clear, healthy skin for normal to oily skin types.